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Happy Customer With Her Price MatchHappy Customer With Her Price Match


Shop with peace of mind. We price match all U.S.-based distributors*. To request a price match, please screenshot:

  1. The competitor price
  2. The full product details
  3. Make sure the name of the competitor is clearly visible

Include your screenshot when you click the Price Match Request link. You’ll hear back from us within 24 hours (business days only) as to the status of your price match request.

Once approved, your price matches will be locked in for 6 months for easy re-ordering!

*Price matching not guaranteed on all products. Sale, discount, and clearance items aren't eligbile. Please read entire FAQ section below for restrictions. 

EC Supply Inc. reserves the right to deny, cancel or modify any price match request at any time for any reason. 



Q. Can I still get free U.S. shipping over $750 if my order includes price matched products?

A. Yes!


Q. Do I still get rewards points on price matched products I purchase?

A. Yes!


Q. What needs to be visible in my screenshot in order to qualify for price matching?

A. Your screenshot needs to show:

1. The name of the distributor (competitor)

2. The product name and details

3. The regular wholesale price you’re requesting us to match


Q. Why am I only seeing an approved price match for a specific variant (e.g. 3mg or Stainless Steel)?

A. Because some variants may vary in price (e.g. MOD colors/finish), you will need to submit separate price match requests for each variant you intend to purchase. If the prices for all variants are the same, you can send the same competitor screenshot (assuming all pricing is visible) for each price match request.


Q. Do I have to keep submitting price match requests for the same product/variant every time I want to order online?

A.  No. Just submit once and you’ll be able to purchase at the approved price matched price for 6 months (or even longer depending on the product).


Q. This seems complicated! Isn’t there an easier way to do this?

A. It may seem tedious at first to have to price match request each product/variant, but after doing it once it'll save you heaps of time in the long run. No more calling in for price matches and you can freely shop online at those lower prices for the next 6 months! 


Q. This guy downtown sells Tutti Fruitti E-juice for $2.00 but he doesn’t have a website. Can you still price match?

A. No. We can only price match licensed U.S.-based distributors with an e-commerce site and a physical warehouse.


Q. I have an invoice from a U.S.-based distributor. Can I submit a copy of that instead of a screenshot of their pricing?

A. Yes, but we can’t guarantee approval if it’s not clear whether those are regular wholesale prices or special discounted pricing. For more information or specific questions, please email sales@ecsupplyinc.com.


Q. Can I just email you all the screenshots and you can adjust pricing for me?

A. We would love to, but unfortunately our website doesn’t function that way. There’s currently no way for us to adjust a price for a specific product/variant for a specific customer on the front end without you having originated the price match request.


Q. Can you stack sales and discounts with price matches?

A. No. Sales and further discounts do not apply to price matched prices.


Q. I found a price that's lower than your clearance price, can I still price match? 

A. No. Our clearance prices are set as low as allowable for standard wholesale orders. For bulk purchases of clearance products, we may be able to negotiate. In these cases, please call 626-618-6188.


Q. If I submit a price match for all variants under one e-juice flavor (ex: Naked100 Really Berry) will that price also apply to all the other flavors in the line? 

A. No. You will need to request price matches for other flavors.


Q. I submitted everything that was required and followed all the procedures when taking my screen shots. Why wasn't my request approved? 

A. This is usually due to the requested price match price being sale/clearance/special discount prices. In rare circumstances, we are unable to approve price matches if our own purchase price for the product exceeds the price match request price


Q. I need to place an order NOW, how long does the approval process take?

A. Please call 626-618-6188 and say you need an urgent price match approval and we’ll be happy to assist!


Q. How will I know that my request has been approved? / How will I know if a product has been price matched?

A. You’ll receive an email notification. Additionally, you can see all price matches in your Account dashboard or when browsing online you’ll see a green Price Matched badge.


Q. If I price match products for my first order, will I still get 10% off (and/or free shipping)? 

A. Possibly. This all depends on the number of products ordered. Your Account Executive will be more than happy to assist you with this over the phone/through email.


Q. I found an even lower price than my original request, am I able to resubmit my price match request? 

A. Email us first at marketing@ecsupplyinc.com. If approved, we’ll have to delete your original price match request to allow you to submit another for the same product/variant.


Q. I am an international shop owner and cannot order through the website, how can I take advantage of price matching? 

A. Your Account Executive will be happy to assist you with this matter.


Q. My question isn’t listed. Who do I contact?

A. Please contact marketing@ecsupplyinc.com or 626-618-6188.