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A Little Bit About Advocacy

Vape AdvovacyVape Advovacy

EC Supply Inc. has traditionally refrained from promoting our advocacy efforts in an effort to prevent accusations of self-aggrandizing. We believe advocacy is a crucial aspect of our industry, and we’ve joined and/or contributed to advocacy groups at the state and federal levels since our inception.

However, in recent months we’ve received an increasing number of inquires as to our advocacy efforts and where we stand on certain issues. Furthermore, we realize that our actions may even encourage our customers, brands, and even competitors to help join this important fight.

Therefore, here is a brief summary of some of our most notable past and present advocacy efforts.

Vapor Technology Association

EC Supply joined the Vapor Technology Association in May 2019. We look forward to working with the VTA to fight upcoming vape taxes and flavor bans.

Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association

Our relationship with Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association began in 2016 when we first joined the organization. In 2018, we worked closely with SFATA leadership to launch a promotion to encourage new membership and to reward SFATA members with special discounts on wholesale orders from EC Supply.

We continue to offer up to 3% discounts on all orders for all SFATA members. For more information, contact marketing@ecsupplyinc.com.

The Vape A Vet Project

We periodically donate products to the Vape-A-Vet Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans switch from cigarettes to vaping at no cost to them.  In 2017, we donated nearly $40,000 worth of vape products to this important project.

California Smoke Free Organization

Along with other California companies in the vape space, EC Supply Inc. was a founding member of the California Smoke Free Organization (CSFO) in 2016. The objective of CSFO was to defeat or mitigate an inordinate tax on vape products (Proposition 56) and to establish a Public Affairs firm to assist the group in this effort.

Arkansas Vape Advocacy Alliance

We joined the Arkansas Vape Advocacy Alliance in December 2019 at the suggestion of one of our custojmers. The AVAA is an important state organization dedicate to educating the public about harm reduction and encouraging smokers to make the switch. 

The Future

In early 2019 we committed to increasing our advocacy efforts by identifying areas of concern for our clients and helping to support or fight those issues. This includes regional flavor bans, all California-related legislation, and even local issues in U.S. cities where we have a significant client base.

Finally, we realize a lot more can be done to help protect and save this industry. Fighting flavor ban proposals, undue taxation, and misguided regulations at the state and federal level are paramount to our industry, company, and customers. But most importantly, let us not lose sight of the fact that the overall purpose of our industry is to provide adults of legal age with an alternative to deadly cigarettes.

EC Supply is always looking for additional opportunities to get involved. If you know of any organization or cause that we can join or support, please contact marketing@ecsupplyinc.com to present it for consideration.