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Introducing Your E-Commerce Platform

With our new e-commerce platform, you’ll be able to easily submit price match requests, earn rewards points, add products to a requisition list, and even add users to your account to either place orders or just build a requisition list for you.

Of course, this new platform features faster speeds and load times, overall easier navigation. and an improved layout for a frictionless shopping experience.

Check out these quick tutorials below to learn how to do some basic functions.

My Account

This is your home base for all things ecsupplyinc.com. Here you can:

  • View your orders
  • See Price Match Requests status
  • Set and view your Company Structure
  • Add or delete users from your account
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Edit payment data and addresses
My Account/Customer DashboardMy Account/Customer Dashboard

Wish Lists

The wish list is a convenient spot to place products you’re not ready to purchase. The Add To Wish List link will appear on the product detail page of each product. You may even share this list with your co-workers or employees simply be clicking the Share My List link.

My Wish List My Wish List

Requisition Lists

Requisition lists make it easy to order frequently purchased products. Items from a requisition list can be easily added to the shopping cart or moved or copied from one list to another. Unlike wish lists, items in a requisition list are here to stay unless you deliberately delete them from it.

  1. From your account dashboard, choose My Requisition Lists
  2. Find the requisition list that you want to open and click View. Then, do any of the following
  • Add Products to Cart
  • Move Items to a Different List
  • Copy Items to a Different List
  • Remove Items
  • Rename the List
  • Print the List
My Requisition ListMy Requisition List

Price Match Requests

Shop with peace of mind. We price match all U.S.-based distributors. To request a price match, please screenshot:

  1. The competitor price
  2. The full product details
  3. Make sure the name of the competitor is clearly visible

Include your screenshot when you click the Price Match Request link. You’ll hear back from us within 24 hours (business days only) as to the status of your price match request.

We cannot guarantee price matching on sale or clearance items. Please indicate the dates of the competitor's sale or clerance items, if known, when submitting your request.

Click here for more information on Price Matching. 

Submit Price MatchSubmit Price Match

Rewards Points

Earn rewards points with every online purchase! 1 point = $1 and once you accumulate 100 points you’ll have a $1 to spend online at ecsupplyinc.com. Cash out whenever you wish (online orders only). For assistance with rewards points, please email marketing@ecsupplyinc.com.

Rewards PointsRewards Points

Quick Order Feature

Quickly order by SKU or product name. This feature allows you to add multiple products to cart without having to navigate through product pages. This is ideal if you know exactly which products you need or if you have a SKU from our Excel order form. Ask your Account Executive for an order form or email marketing@ecsupplyinc.com.

Quick OrderQuick Order