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Digiflavor Liip Disposable Pod System

The Liip Disposable Pod System by Digiflavor is a single-use device which features a fully integrated 240mAh battery, comes pre-filled nicotine salt e-liquid (available in various flavors), and has a very slender design. The Digiflavor Liip is the perfect on-the-go device to provide you consistent hits from beginning to end. After you are done with, just discard it and you’re good.
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Liip Disposable Pod System Specifications:

  • Dimension - 73.7mm by 20.03mm by 12.98mm
  • Integrated 240mAh Battery
  • Voltage Output Perimeters: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Coil Resistance: 2.4ohm
  • Temperature Output Perimeters: 68F-167
  • Pre-Filled Salt Nicotine 
  • Easy-To-Use Design
  • Single-Use Device
  • Comes Fully Assemble

· Do not use or charge with non-approved devices. Overuse of vaping apparatus may cause this product to overheat, malfunction, and/or cause burns or other physical injury.

· Do not leave this product unattended while charging, and do not charge it in your vehicle.

· Do not modify or attempt to disassemble this product. Use accordingly.

· Always turn off your vaping apparatus in between uses.

· Do not attempt to fix, correct, replace, or install any part of the vaping apparatus.

· Electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, and e-liquids are not approved by the FDA.

· We DO NOT recommend building/wrapping a coil lower than 0.3Ω in resistance.

· Cease the use of any equipment if there are any slight indications of malfunction.

· Mechanical mods and hybrid connection mods are advanced user items. Please understand all safety procedures before attempting to use.

· WARNING: Some tanks are made from polycarbonate and is not suitable for e-liquid use as some flavors might affect its structural integrity causing it to craze or crack. Please check and see if your tank is made from a suitable material (like glass, Pyrex, stainless steel, etc.) when using citrus, cinnamon, and tea flavors.


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